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RAF Marham Make a Difference Campaign

Volunteers Required for the Blue Bull Café/Bar families Committe
Your chance to ‘Make A Difference’
to the service and activities on offer at the Blue Bull Café/Bar.
Those interested in Volunteering should register their interest in the HIVE.

Make a Difference - What will you do?

One of the Station’s priorities for 2017 is to make a difference for our people.  This is an opportunity for everyone
(Service personnel, civilians, contractors and families) to get involved and improve the quality of life and work at RAF Marham.

Although the Station Execs and the Make a Difference committee can come up with various ideas, the more important suggestions will come from Station personnel and their families.  These could be something relatively simple such as implementing a new system to make life at Marham easier or volunteers making an area of the Station more presentable.  They could also be big projects (we’ve already had a suggestion to improve our sports facilities!).

One suggestion that has turned into a quick win is that of demonstrating that we value our personnel.  Therefore, those being offered promotion will now receive a personalised ‘blue letter’ from the Station Commander.  These letters have been sent out at the beginning of the year and include those gaining time promotion, such as from LAC to SAC.

The scheme’s success will be underpinned by the number and type of ideas that are put forward.  These can be entered on the Make a Difference MOSS page, accessed through the link on the Marham homepage.  There will also be a facility for families to have their suggestions submitted via the HIVE.  The Make a Difference committee will meet monthly to review all the suggestions and put them forward for prioritisation by the Station Execs and subsequent implementation.  This will be a rolling programme, with project updates published regularly.

What will you do to Make a Difference at RAF Marham?

The Station Commanders campaign for RAF Marham for 2017 goes under the banner of ‘Make A Difference’ and is designed to encourage all who live and work at Marham to think of ideas that we can adopt/introduce over things fir which we have control, which will help us improve our lives and environment in which we live .

Examples might include self-help in clearing litter from the play parks or volunteering to help in one of the Clubs and Societies.

It may also be in suggesting ways of streamlining some of the processes which we have responsibility.

Think about what you might be able to do that would ‘Make A difference’ then either email or call in to the HIVE to have it uploaded for investigation.

All ideas will get feedback even if they prove to be too problematical to introduce. 


Some of the successful projects so far include:

• The introduction of ‘Blue Letters’ signed by the Station Commander for those being offered promotion, to highlight that we value of our personnel and their achievements.

• ‘Adopt a Tree’ has transformed Ladywood into a nature trail. This is still growing and will soon be formally opened.

• Clearing the path on Squires Hill of dirt and leaves to make it safer place to walk.

• Cleaning the tennis courts to make the surface more playable.

• RAF Police community engagement forum created to allow personnel, families and the local community to voice concerns.

Other projects that are soon to come to fruition include:

• A bicycle recycling scheme is being set up to refurbish abandoned bikes. These will soon be auctioned off to Station personnel.

• A mentor scheme to support first-tourists and newly promoted personnel, leading to more confident and capable servicemen.

• Story time in the library, with interactive props to encourage use of the library by families.

• ‘Spare Seat Sunday’ to encourage personnel in married quarters or their own homes to host those living in the blocks or messes for a BBQ or Sunday lunch, thus allow greater interaction and networking.

• Diddy Rugby is being set up to allow young children to be have rugby coaching locally.

All the projects are listed on MOSS along with the latest updates. If you would like to get involved in any of the projects, please contact the respective ProjO. The more suggestions we receive, the better we can make RAF Marham so please continue to submit ideas through MOSS or by emailing the HIVE on Email: 

RAF Marham Make a Difference - Adopt a tree Event

Story Time at RAF Marham

The information on this website was correct at the time of publication.
Please contact us if you discover any out of date information.